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Importance of education in relation to Note Books

Manasa Rao

In today’s technologically equipped lifestyle the need for a note book in the education system looks a lot like it has faded. But, according to most recent surveys and studies were done by businessmen from the stationery industry, the need for notebooks in the education system remains a top priority. Students, teachers, office goers and regular users of a ‘pen and book style’ find the need to have a note book at all times irrespective of its need. Note book has always been a testimony to a lot of the work committed by students. It has always been considered a creative process of learning and development in the Indian educational system.
A technique to reflect on what has been learnt and developed using notebooks is the key method to it all. Schooling had started using note books in the early years as its source, and, by far the last means. Though the technological concept of e-learning and web learning have been increasingly developed students and teachers still prefer making small notes, writing down concepts, theories or their learnings in general in a note book. We see how the importance to note books and its usage has not dropped to a large extent. Schools that cater to students from the age group of 5-15 years are all bound to use note books at some point or the other irrespective of having e-learning techniques.

It is best known for :

  • Students to develop and organize their thoughts
  • Provides accountability for the work students are doing
  • Collect their learnings and putting it in writing helps improve the structure
  • This ultimately helps to reflect their weakness and strengths

For the most of digitization taking place, we see schools using tablets in place of textbooks, but the need for a notebook remains, they are asked to use a notebook to capture their learnings from these e-textbooks. The idea of safety is something new that comes into the picture, students, as well as teachers, find their work to be safer when putting down in writing than when it’s up on the internet. The speed at which content spreads on the internet is high, but with the help of a notebook, content can be kept safe and intact. Scribbles is another way to learn, teachers and scholars from major schools have understood the theory of learning through scribbles and trial and errors have chosen to be the most effective.

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