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How Paper and Technology co-exist in today’s World

Namrata Uramanatti

Technology is something which is inevitable. And we are experiencing a tremendous change in various fields. It has been observed many traditional ways have been transformed through technology. The same goes for the traditional ways of using paper. Paper and technology together have changed the means of communication. Technology has not replaced the use of papers completely, but both co-exist and are going hand in hand. But due to the change in technology, various innovative ways of communicating have been invented. Electronic media is part which has seen improvement and is easily accessible and convenient to people.
For example, instead of just reading through books, students are provided with computer screens in classrooms, which is reverberating with students experiences. This helps in having an updated knowledge about technology and also in improving skills sets.
This interdependence is being considered as a new approach to students. For example, when a college student ask librarian for a specific paper or book, the in charged person has to look over the shelf’s, which was time consuming, but nowadays libraries have computers which have detailed information stored in it, which makes it easier to guide the student and tell exactly where the book is located. Also, schools and colleges are providing students with online library facility, where they can download a pdf and read it online instead of a physical book.
The online selling platforms have started to sell e-books as well. People who read a lot, prefer buying an online pdf at lower rates than buying a physical book. But the older generation is still fascinated and more used to the idea of using physical books.
The education system is taking a step toward a modern direction. The combination of both is making emphasis on the newer generations. This is also making students help in becoming digital savvy. It is likely that paper and e-books technology will co-exist in the coming future. The medium is not a matter of concern for people; it is the reading.

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