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Future of Range Industry

Jestna Jose

This is an era which is become ever more automated and digitalized. Technology is taking over many aspects of our life be it from communicating to gathering information everything is getting revolutionized. There is a question on relevance on use of paper, pens and post it’s in future which is all a part of the stationery industry. After all, there’s an app for just about everything traditionally done by hand: from to-do lists to doodling. This change has led stationery suppliers to innovate their business model in this changing dynamic and offering customers with a better experience. This is transforming the stationery market by impacting the demand for these products as well as the design.
The stationery industry of the future will operate online. This would be taken place using an e-commerce site that would be user-friendly. A customer would be given a platform to place their orders that is automatically fed into the suppliers’ inventory management system preventing the need for anything that has to be done manually. There would be a time in future where technology will develop to an extent where customers do not have to take the hassle to order themselves. The printers they use will notify the supplier when they are running out of low paper or ink. Even the delivery time won’t be affected much due to the streamlined ordering system. As per the Global Industry Analyst prediction, there is a positive future anticipated concerning the global stationery industry. The major reason being demand for stationery is increasing due to the growing literacy rate and the ever more increasing number of office expansions and start-ups. The stationery market holds marvelous growth potential as the country has nearly 22-24 crore students studying and needing notebooks and other stationery materials, Therefore, those days of stuffy stationery supplies seen is over, and the future will be leaders in innovation. Still, there are some challenges as the need for printing has condensed significantly as the digitization of several business processes, such as mail, forms, and data, has eradicated the need for traditional paper-based stationery products. Part of the reason for the growing digitization is that organizations increasingly prefer a paperless environment.

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